1 row where season contains " summer", season contains "fall " and season contains "winter " sorted by seed_name

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season (array)

id ideal_temp min_full_sun plant_spacing season seed_name ▼ year_produced need_to_reorder days_to_harvest is_flower num_packets indertiminate_determinate notes
86   full sun 8-12 ["fall ", "winter ", "spring ", " summer"] cilantro 2017   40-60        

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CREATE TABLE [seeds] (
   [ideal_temp] TEXT,
   [min_full_sun] TEXT,
   [plant_spacing] TEXT,
   [season] TEXT,
   [seed_name] TEXT,
   [year_produced] TEXT,
   [need_to_reorder] INTEGER,
   [days_to_harvest] TEXT,
   [is_flower] TEXT,
   [num_packets] FLOAT,
   [indertiminate_determinate] TEXT,
   [notes] TEXT